My work is based on a constant research for new creative ways to find the perfect harmony between the atmosphere and the story being told, to create the most meaningful and immersive experiences for the public. My obsession about LIGHT as a moving matter and an emotional tool is the source of my inspiration. A candle, a Led source, an animated image, a laser, a beam, a surface, a matter, a darkness… Light is in every aspect of my creative approach.

After studying interior architecture and lighting design, I started to work as a lighting and set designer in the Opera and Theater world in 2009 between France, Spain, Germany and Belgium.

From 2013 to 2019, I was part of the entertainment team of where I create multimedia experiences from very intimate scale to large outdoor events.

Since 2020 I’m Multimedia Director at MOMENT FACTORY

I create multimedia experiences from very intimate scale to large outdoor events&spectacles. I lead the global Artistic Direction of the projects I’m involved in, creating the story’s vision and concept, composing with all the different aspects of new media and digital visual arts; all, but only, what is needed to serve the purpose of the story and public’s experience.
From creating the script and storyboard of the visual concepts, we carry the projects through design development, production up to the commissioning. Leading teams of amazing creative innovators and designers, I’m passionate about pushing the limits of creativity and new technologies to connect the audience with the experience – bringing people into the story being told.



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