Bilzen Mysteries

Lead designer & Project manager •

This brand new night-time touristic attraction was inspired by the fascinating past of the Teutonic Order and the Grand Commandery Alden Biesen.
During the one-hour video walk the visitors discover historic facts, characters and tales and are fully immersed thanks to digital tablets and headsets
that display the story in synchronization with all the visual effects produced in front of them.

ACTLD designed all the visual elements and implemented all technical aspects of the project to create a thrilling authentic experience for the public
and flawless illusion between real and virtual. Our team created lighting scenography and bespoke installations, such as the “Moon” or “Laser show
in the romantic french garden”, integrated into the natural settings, almost invisible by day, enhancing the interiors, exteriors and surroundings by night.

Client: ACT Lighting Design

Light & scenography concept design – project management: Koert Vermeulen, Julie Boniche

Project designer: Ana Luiza Vargas

In Belgium since 0ctober 2016