Le Ballet des Ombres Heureuses, Cathédrale de Strasbourg 2017

Screen Writer and *Content Director •

For the 2017 summer season festivities of Strasbourg, we created an immersive 360° visual experience that brings life to a dreamlike spectacle
inspired by the origin of light and sound shows, the ancient tradition of the shadow theaters. Shadows have been chosen as the principal way of
expression to play with light and space, and thus create a unique immersive experience.
A captivating atmosphere progressively grows and flies to a wonderfully rhythmic world resonating all around the square, in the heart of the city. 

Designed & Produced by ACTLD

Creative Director: Koert Vermeulen
Screenwriter & *VIDEO, LIGHT & SOUND Content Director: Julie Boniche
Senior Designer: Luc De Climmer
Content Coordinator: Guillaume de Brabandère
Music by MUSICOM
Content Production by LIMELIGHT