Bridges of Time, iLight Singapore 2019

Artistic Director  •

The iLight Singapore Festival commissioned ACTLD to create a multimedia show to commemorate Singapore’s Bicentennial. This is the first multimedia show to appear on the Singapore River – a place which has great historical significance to the country.
For this special edition of iLight, we created a poetic tale about a universal traveller, capturing the essence of Singapore’s history over the past 700 years. The story is titled Bridges of Time and is in line with the festival’s 2019 theme.
“Time” was the notion that caught our attention in the festival’s narrative. Since storytelling is the main aspect of the work we do, the theme “Bridges of Time” was a great seed to grow our inspiration! 

The story:
Bridges of Time tells the story of a universal traveller who sails through time and space and is strangely drawn to one destination. The spectators are guided through the timeless journey of the universal traveller from yesterday, today and tomorrow, discovering and rediscovering the flourishing island of Singapore throughout centuries.
Singapore’s unique history is engraved into this starry sky that keeps guiding travelers from the seas. From here forward, they’re ready to sail into the future… and continue their journey into time towards a promising future.

To illustrate Bridges of Time, ACTLD envisioned a 14,500m² multimedia show set on the river, creating a breathtaking organic ancient landscape glowing in the heart of Singapore’s contemporary skyline. Every night, enchanting scenes of water, light, music, projection and Special FX bring the river to life. Involving high-tech features such as RGB lasers, more than 120 LED fixtures, 250m of mist system, 58 water features and a 16-meters-high by 55-meters-wide water screen.

Once upon a time, the Bridges of Time …

Designed & Produced by ACTLD

Principal designer: Koert Vermeulen
Artistic Director: Julie Boniche
Project manager: Lucia do Souto
Senior Designer: Luc De Climmer
Laser Programming: Joeri Janssens
Content Production: Benjamin Callaert and Elias Freiberger
Music by Dezwitsers
And so many more!