La flèche dans les nuages, Cathédrale de Strasbourg 2018

Video Content Director  •

For the 2018 summer season festivities of Strasbourg, we moved the usual video projection from the walls of the Cathedral, to the middle of the sky. We’ve used our own video netting technic created for our previous installation Light Matters of the Amsterdam Light festival. Here we designed a surface of 30m long (400m2) suspended above the Place du château, and on this transparent unique surface, we tell the story of the creation and construction of the cathedral’s spire.
We invite the public to look up to the sky, and live an immersive experience, an invitation to a dream, the very one that allowed the Spire of the Strasbourg Cathedral to reach the clouds. 

The story:
“La flèche dans les nuages” illustrates the construction period of the spire of the cathedral between the XIV and XV century. A story of passion following the steps of the great characters who marked the era. At that time, the Place du Château is a gigantic construction site whose goal is to raise the spire above the Cathedral to position the highest and most beautiful spire of Europe.
Between symbols and poetry, our story explores the following principal axes of the narrative:
- The spire from its first sketch to the technical drawings
- The dream of the architect, the aspiration of mankind to surpass himself
- The builders of the Place du Château (individually, and then as in ever increasing numbers)
- The builders of the sky and the ascent of the stones towards the sky
- A heritage forever engraved in the stone and in the sky

Designed & Produced by ACTLD

Creative Director: Koert Vermeulen
Video Content Director: Julie Boniche
Screenwriter: Ana Vargas & Julie Boniche
Content Coordinator: Guillaume de Brabandère
Content Production: James Francis and Elias Freiberger
Technical team: Luc de Climmer, Lucia do Souto
Music by MUSICOM