Let there be light

 Concept design •

Thesis project 2009  
Light speed is so high that it only leaves an impression on its way. If we were moving at the same speed, we would loose the third dimension.
Light reveals the darknesses of the night without taking the time to be seen, to be a proper matter.
Here, we reversed the situation and used darkness as the condenser of this light, to live it. Using different floating elements in the air like smoke, water(as steam, fall…),
to feel it. I treated the exhibition’s space like a surrealistic passage in which time would be slowed down, almost frozen… to decompose this light and bring it to life. 
We pass through 7 rooms, going from complete darkness to complete lightness, experiencing a journey full of emotions. 
For each space, 1 image, 1(or more) animation of its light.